Mitchen Inc. was created in 1993 to help corporate, academic, government, and non-profit organizations develop to be more successful in achieving their purpose. In the 90s, the company built a strong foundation of training programs around leadership development, building cross-culture agility, leading change and managing conflict. Over time, due to continuous repeat business, the programs were expanded to address the growing needs of our clients. In the early 2000s, Mitchen began developing succession planning systems and retention studies. Throughout the history of Mitchen, practices and approaches were grounded in research. This included developing multi-session leadership development programs and executive coaching programs.

Mitchen LogoThrough all of this development and research, Mitchen also introduced our framework for the rare but highest form of leadership entitled Elusive Leadership. It was also at this time that Mitchen adopted the image of a dolphin leaping above our name to symbolize our culture and our ultimate mission to help individuals, teams and organizations reach unlimited heights of success.

Today Mitchen is entrusted with developing individuals, teams and organizations by a broad list of clients. Our proven ability to develop programs that make meaningful contributions to our clients’ mission gives our team the greatest satisfaction. We look forward to making new history with our continuously expanding list of clients.