Client List and Testimonials


Comments from Dean Beyrouty celebrating the development of a unanimous vision for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at University of Maryland at the completion of the Mitchen Strategic Positioning process!


Comments from UK Faculty, Staff, Students and Stakeholders on the Mitchen way of facilitating change and strategic planning.


“Mitch Owen’s coaching and expertise were major factors in the successful development of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Strategic Plan 2020. With his leadership and expert facilitation skills, we were able to have challenging conversations in a respectful and constructive manner and come to group consensus on major issues. Without Mitch’s guidance we would have never been able to develop such a good plan in such a short time frame. He helped us accomplish what seemed like an insurmountable task!

[Our] process was accomplished much more quickly and efficiently; Mitch brought the benefit of academic expertise and experience in this area that we lacked. This ensured we had a valid process and helped us avoid mistakes and having to “learn as we went”- also our final product or plan was of higher quality and thus easier to implement.

Mitchen was beneficial because we accomplished the development of a strategic plan for such a complex organization in less than a year!”

Laura Perry Johnson, Extension Director
University of Georgia


“Mitch Owen proved to be a critical component enabling our company to develop and deliver to our high potential leadership candidates a successful leadership development program. The program has consistently been acknowledged by our staff as one of the most valuable and memorable professional development experiences at our company. Mitch Owen’s dedication as an ongoing student of leadership development and instruction contributed to a highly effective leadership development program for our company and the graduates.”

Mitch Reaves, President and CEO
N. B. Handy Co.

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“Mitch brought new insights, creative energy, and great problem solving techniques to my team of faculty. I highly recommend him to any group seeking to build leadership and creative problem solving.”

Valerie McAlpinDirector, Center for Teaching and Learning
UNC Charlotte


Mitch has worked with me over the last 4 to 5 years to assist me in getting to a point where I understand myself. I have been able to use this in how I process my interactions with people and various situations. This has filtered through both my personal and professional life. This self-perspective has allowed me to gain a broader insight in how I mentor, train, hold people accountable and push my employees to achieve things that they thought were not possible. As a young executive, his insight and ability to help me think through situations by understanding how I think has been a significant reason for my success. Mitch pushes you in a non-confrontational manner, which allows you to view the issues and opportunities from a more well-rounded perspective.”

Sean R. Foster, Sales and Training Leader, Residential Solutions,


“Mitch is a very insightful expert on organizational change. He helped Iowa State University Extension at the annual Extension summit to guide us to determine what our organization should become and how we are going to get there. He understands the transformation that can occur through education and how to guide educators to be their best.”

Mary Holz-ClauseVice President for Economic Development
University of Connecticut

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“Mitch helped my college collect and distill literally thousands of comments into a few succinct points that could be used to move the college forward. This would not have been possible without his skilled guidance.”

Scott Angle Dean and Director, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
University of Georgia


“We had Mitch come speak to a group of business owners and professional leaders at our convention and business meeting. He was very entertaining and professional and the information was very valuable and we would ask him to come back to lead us again.

James LeePresident
Alarmguard Security


“Mitch is a smart, innovative and personable professional. His sessions at the Supervisors Management School routinely get outstanding evaluations. He is one of the rare professionals who have an extremely intelligent outlook and perspective, and yet can communicate at a fundamental level. I enjoy his sessions, his knowledge, and his company, and highly recommend him and his work.”

Brad Chambers, Chief of Joint Operations at Joint Intelligence Operations Center, European
Command, and Chair, Board of Regents
North Carolina State University Supervisors Management School

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“Mitch provided professional development for our seasoned leaders, our first-line supervisors and our emerging leaders. He related well to each group, provided fresh ideas and approaches, and left us with a reasonable path forward for next steps. I highly recommend him for leadership development.”

Mary Jinks, Vice President of Public Service
University of Tennessee


“Mitch was an excellent resource in developing strategic planning and visioning models. His knowledge of the literature and “real world” experience was a valuable asset in our organizational planning.”

Samuel Pardue, Interim Associate Dean & Director, Academic Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
North Carolina State University


“Mitch provides research-based inspirational technical assistance and public presentations on organizational change. He is great with group and organizational processes and always produces superior products in a supportive collaborative environment.”

Nancy Franz, Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
Iowa State University

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 “Mitch is an innovative and focused professional. Always providing outcomes and products that far exceed the expectations of others.”

Cheryl Lloyd, Proprietor
Peace Pointe Guest House & Retreat


“I had the pleasure of being a receiver of Dr. Owen’s presentation on maximizing social influences. He provided excellent techniques and demonstrations of how we can use our social networks to our advantage and help others in the process.”

Tanesha D. H. Pittman, Executive Director/Associate Dean,
Benedictine University


“Mitch is a professional who has the educational background, experience, and talent to lead group discussion, develop strategic plans, and assist in the development of leaders. He has expertise in areas of personality types/traits, leadership development, organizational structure, and personnel management and conflict resolution. He is familiar with many workplace settings including higher education, business and industry, and local government. He has a passion for his work and he approaches tasks with a high level of energy.”

Ken Esbenshade, Former Associate Dean
North Carolina State University

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“Mitch Owen is a true professional, extremely adept at strategy formation, execution, and many other aspects of successful corporate and public sector operations. Mitch’s body of work and past experiences are impressive. Even more important is that Mitch’s style is to listen very carefully, formulate ideas, and lead a team to consensus in a logical, simple, compelling way. His ability to drive a management team to positive action is one of his real strengths. I recommend Mitch highly.”

George Pappas, Telecommunications Industry Alliance Executive,


“I have known and worked with Mitch for many years. I have found him to be an expansive thinker whose primary consideration is delivery of customer-oriented solutions. We have worked through difficult-to-solve matters and his knowledgeable and customer-focused approach has made those experiences positive ones.”

Harry Nicholos, Asst. Director for System & Hosted Services,
North Carolina State University


“Mitch provided training to our graduate students, which was well received by a very critical group of scientists. He has a way of connecting to the audience and sharing valuable insights which is impressive. His evaluations were quite positive and he has a gift for assisting others in learning about themselves and moving forward in their lives. I view Mitch as a trusted mentor and can enthusiastically endorse him.”

Marcy Bullock, Director, Career Services, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
North Carolina State University

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“I hired Mitch to teach an organizational change workshop for my undergraduate students. This workshop was part of a week-long leadership seminar held in Washington, D.C. Mitch was well prepared, had good interactions with the students, kept them engaged, used multiple teaching methodologies and strategies, and knew his subject matter very well. I worked with Mitch several years as this seminar was a repeat each year with a different group of undergraduates. I definitely would recommend Mitch.

Garee Earnest, Ph.D., Professor and Leader Extension Human Resources
The Ohio State University


“Dr. Mitch Owen is a very successful organizational development specialist, program designer, personal coach, and facilitator. Having worked with various audiences in the non-profit and corporate world, he is notably capable of helping individuals or groups achieve their personal best, and the goals they want to carry out, under the toughest of circumstances. He is exceptionally skilled in facilitations of strategic plans for board meetings and retreats, developing needs based trainings, and helping organizations in assessing their development needs. I highly recommend Mitch without reservation.”

Mary Lou Addor, Ed.D., Director
Natural Resources Leadership Institute


“I have worked with Mitch for over 20 years at N.C. State University. We have worked in the same group and in similar units over the years. Mitch was a tremendous asset to our IT unit with an excellent work ethic. He has successfully led large collaborative projects across the Land Grant Universities of the Southern Region of the U. S. He is well known across the nation for the work he did with the Personnel Organizational Development unit at N.C. State University. I would strongly recommend Mitch for a position. He would be an extraordinary asset to any company.”

Ray Kimsey, Senior Information Strategist,
North Carolina State University

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“Mitch is an excellent facilitator and a strong leader. He is masterful at building understanding and consensus among groups, in order to achieve goals and facilitate positive outcomes.”

Rhonda Conlon, Director, Extension Information Technology
North Carolina State University


“My relationship with Mitch was very positive in every sense of the word. I found him to be personable, interactive, effective, and a professional in every way. After our first leadership training class and working with Mitch, we saw seven class participants offer themselves for leadership positions within the organization. Participants saw a different side of leadership and were able to connect the dots on leadership — differing personality profiles, appropriate leadership styles for different situations, values, seeing values in others that are different, etc.

Class participants felt energized after learning more about themselves and their leadership styles. They went back home with the tools to help them be better leaders.”

Dick Flower, Executive Director
N.C. Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts


“The organization is in the initial stages of coming together as a team. I believe through Mitch’s work we were able to begin to realize individual strengths and also challenges. Mitch is attentive, honest, and engaging”

Mark Tassin, Department Head, 4-H Youth and Family Development
Louisiana State University

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“I strongly recommend Mitchen Inc.; it always delivers its services and products on time and continues to exceed my expectations. Mitchen brings convenience and excellent quality to my consulting business. Client feedback booklets and other Mitchen products added value to my leadership and organization development programs, executive coaching and conflict resolution sessions.”

Richard T. LilesPresident
Liles and Associates, Inc.


Going into our strategic planning sessions, I knew nothing about facilitation or structuring group efforts to reach a common goal. After working with Mitch, I was actually facilitating groups of employees within our organization effectively and efficiently.”

Brad Greenfield, IT Specialist
University of Tennessee


“Mitchen Ego Cards are affordable and incredibly versatile. Good for icebreakers, conflict management, leadership coaching, team dynamics and I’m still finding more uses. Great ROI for minimal cost.”

Chrystal Bartlett, Owner
Chrystal Bartlett & Company


“I felt more at peace with my management and leadership style which has allowed me to massage that style to be more effective with my team. What I learned about myself, I believe, has made me a better leader.”

Mike Landry, Vice President of Sales – Roofing
N. B. Handy Co.

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  • Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities
  • Duke University
    • Sanford Institute of Public Policy
  • East Carolina University
    • School of Communication
  • Iowa State University
  • Louisiana State University
    • LSU Ag Center
  • Mississippi State University
  • National Association of University Forest Resource Programs
  • N.C. State University
    • Chancellor’s Office
    • Centennial Campus
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • College of Natural Resources
    • College of Veterinary Medicine
    • International Programs
    • Department of Agricultural and Extension Education
    • Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences
    • Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
    • Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
    • Department of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences
  • North Dakota State University
  • Purdue University
    • College of Agriculture
  • Texas A & M University
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • The Ohio State University
    • College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
    • Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, & Leadership
    • Department of Food Science & Technology
    • Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    • Agricultural Technical Institute
    • Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
  • University of Arizona
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • University of California
    • Berkeley Extension
    • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • University of Georgia
    • College of Agriculture & Environmental Science
    • UGA Extension
  • University of Florida
    • Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
    • Florida 4-H
    • School of Forest Resources & Conservation
  • University of Illinois
    • University of Illinois Extension
  • University of Kentucky
    • College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
    • Cooperative Extension Service
  • University of Maryland
    • College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Department of Nutrition and Food Science
  • University of North Carolina
    • Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • University of Tennessee
    • Institute of Agriculture
    • Institute for Public Service
    • UT Extension
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Virginia Tech University
    • Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Western Extension Leadership Development Program

State, Federal, National and International Governments

  • Food Systems Leadership Institute
  • National Association of University Forest Resource Programs
  • North Carolin National 4-H Council
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  • Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
  • North Carolina Aquariums
  • N.C. Clean Water Management Trust Fund
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources


  • Alpha Zeta Fraternity
  • American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  • Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities
  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina
  • Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta
  • Hall of Fame of Adult Education
  • Horticulture Research Institution
  • International Furnishing & Design Association
  • National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
  • National Association of United Methodist Foundations
  • National Association of University Forest Resource Programs
  • National Recreation & Park Association
  • North Carolina Angus Association
  • North Carolina Soil & Water Conservation Districts Foundation
  • North Carolina FFA Association
  • Oglebay Institute
  • Red Angus Association of the Carolinas
  • State Employees Association of North Carolina
  • Southern Weed Science Society
  • Triangle Organization Development Network
  • United Auto Workers
  • United Methodist Church

Local Government

  • Bladen County, NC
  • City of Raleigh, NC
  • City of Cuppertino, CA.
  • Hoke County, NC
  • Lee County, NC
  • Montgomery County, Md
  • Wake County, NC
  • Warren County, NC

Private Companies

  • ACDelco
  • BioGen
  • General Motors
  • HardCo – Harrington Corporation
  • IBM Global Services
  • N.B. Handy Co.
  • Sassool
  • Team Attraction Gymnastics
  • Volvo Car Finance North America

Individuals (Confidential)

  • Recent College Graduates
  • University Directors, Deans, Vice Presidents, Assoc. and Asst. Deans/VP
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents (Private Sector)