“Do Not Tell Lies about the past”

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Though he wrote the statement “Do not tell lies about the past,” he rarely mentions the past in his notes, memoir, or private journal.  No, he was firmly focused on the future in his writings. Curious about everything, his writings are one of the great treasures of his time. From the age of 30, he was a habitual journal keeper.  What we find in his journal is the random thoughts of a man who seemed to jump from one idea to the next. He was like a grasshopper, jumping here and there as his thoughts took him.  From detailed drawings of a new mechanical device to notes on what to buy at the store for dinner, all can me found together.  Granted, the documents contained very little personal stories, but were more a record of his imaginings. But, what a mind for creating new things.  Leonard is one of our greatest examples of the constantly curious leader.. oh, he failed in other ways having never really finished most of his wonderful innovative ideas. But he does teach us the benefit of free thinking, wonderment, and the art of journaling.

When is the last time you freely brainstormed ideas on paper? Allowed your mind to go from idea to idea regardless of the efficiency of thought. Collected random thoughts.. through chaos comes some of the worlds greatest breakthroughs. The lessons for this teacher is we need to do more to collect our thoughts.  In the next 24 hours, find a 30 minute period of time and just go crazy with random thinking.  Collect your ideas on paper.. maybe even buy a journal.


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