Strategic Planning

Facilitated Session

Global economies. Exponential innovation rates. Consumer choice. Each factor demands more from survival-minded organizations than effective day-to-day operations. Circuit City and Borders Books’ boom and bust cycles show what happens when companies lack forward-thinking and the commitment and desire to invest in the future.

Sustained prosperity requires a combination of tactical and focused strategic management. Mitchen’s creative and empowering approach facilitates meaningful strategic plans that sustain your organization over time, transforms your organization so teams thrive, and leaves your customers and employees more engaged.

What’s more, you’ll pay less because Mitchen doesn’t just help your organization create a plan; they leave your employees with the skills to execute it. Most vendors provide only one part of this service; why pay for two when one call to Mitchen does it all?

“…professional, extremely adept at strategy formation, execution, and many other aspects of successful corporate and public sector operations.”

George Pappas, Telecommunications Industry Alliance Executive, IBM