Supervisor Training

Mitch in Dyad

When data ties poor supervision to costly retention and performance problems and good supervision to organizational effectiveness, wise companies invest to get the best.

[Dr. Mitch Owen] has expertise in areas of personality types/traits, leadership development, organizational structure, and personnel management and conflict resolution.”

 — Ken Esbenshade, Former Associate Dean, North Carolina State University

Whether your challenge is onboarding new supervisors or enhancing existing supervisors, Mitchen custom designs programs that ensure behavior change and improved work force management.

His sessions at the Supervisors Management School routinely get
outstanding evaluations. He is one of the rare professionals who have an extremely intelligent outlook and perspective, and yet can communicate at a fundamental level.”

 — Brad Chambers, Chief of Joint Operations at Joint Intelligence Operations Center,
European Command, and Chair, Board of Regents,
North Carolina State University Supervisors Management School