Riding the Wave of Change™

It’s no surprise most successful organizations proactively lead change instead of letting it wash over them. Nimble teams and organizations are both willing and able to capitalize on change. Thriving teams evolve work and products that drive excellence as a result of change.

Dr. Owen helped guide us to determine what our organization should become and how we are going to get there.”

 — Mary Holz-Clause, Vice President for Economic Development, University of Connecticut

Mitchen helps groups remove blinders so they can see opportunities for change, manage their cultures to support change, and develop programs that implement meaningful organizational changes. Whether your concerns are technical, organizational or cultural, Mitchen will equip your organization with change management principles that apply to every area.

We have worked through difficult-to-solve matters and his knowledgeable and customer-focused approach has made those experiences positive ones.”

 — Harry Nicholos, Asst. Director for System & Hosted Services, North Carolina State University