Mitch Owen’s coaching and expertise were major factors in the successful development of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Strategic Plan 2020. With his leadership and expert facilitation skills, we were able to have challenging conversations in a respectful and constructive manner and come to group consensus on major issues. Without Mitch’s guidance we would have never been able to develop such a good plan in such a short time frame. He helped us accomplish what seemed like an insurmountable task!

[Our] process was accomplished much more quickly and efficiently; Mitch brought the benefit of academic expertise and experience in this area that we lacked. This ensured we had a valid process and helped us avoid mistakes and having to “learn as we went”- also our final product or plan was of higher quality and thus easier to implement. [We] accomplished the development of a strategic plan for such a complex organization in less than a year!

Laura Perry Johnson
Associate Dean for Extension
University of Georgia