Success can be defined by Leaders.  At all levels, leaders drive the health of teams and organizations. They develop your best people, they drive performance, and they ensure organizations deliver quality to their stakeholders and customers.  Do you have leaders who manage the complexity, work thorough conflict, and bet the best performance out of today’s diverse workforce?  Mitchen develops leaders using self-discovery, active learning and teaching methods proven by a lifetime of leadership development programs. 

Elusive Team Leadership System

This is a six-part training program that will help your organization:

  • Establish trust
  • Create a culture where curiousity is valued
  • Manage conflict and challenges
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations
  • Stay focused on areas with the highest return
  • Develop accountability processes that build organizational clarity and strength.

Executive Development and Coaching

Is your organization prepared for a potential shortage of capable supervisors, mangers and senior executives that economists are predicting? Build your organizational bench strength to ensure your organization maintains solid leadership.

Most successful leaders attribute intense feedback as a major reason for their success. Mitchen’s research-based executive coaching program delivers what leaders need to succeed. Mitchen has successfully trained junior and senior executives, mid-career managers, supervisors and recent graduates.

Every program is customized to meet your organizations most important needs. Contact Mitchen today to get your program started!

Supervisor Training

Poor supervision leads to costly retention and performance problems. Mitchen can help you onboard new supervisors and enhance exitsting supervisors to improve your workforce management and organizational culture, so employees want to stay and perform.

Every program is customized to meet your organizations most important needs. Contact Mitchen today to get your program started!

Facilitator Training

Dr. Mitch Owen is not just a widely certified facilitator; he’s an adept facilitator trainer as well. Getting both in one package adds depth to Mitchen certificate holders, increasing their value in the field and to themselves.

Every program is customized to meet your organizations most important needs. Contact Mitchen today to get your program started!

What clients have to say


Mitch Owen proved to be a critical component enabling our company to develop and deliver to our high potential leadership candidates a successful leadership development program. The program has consistently been acknowledged by our staff as one of the most valuable and memorable professional development experiences at our company. Mitch Owen’s dedication as an ongoing student of leadership development and instruction contributed to a highly effective leadership development program for our company and the graduates.

Mitch Reaves
Former President and CEO
N. B. Handy Co.

Mitch has worked with me over the last 4 to 5 years to assist me in getting to a point where I understand myself. I have been able to use this in how I process my interactions with people and various situations. This has filtered through both my personal and professional life. This self-perspective has allowed me to gain a broader insight in how I mentor, train, hold people accountable and push my employees to achieve things that they thought were not possible. As a young executive, his insight and ability to help me think through situations by understanding how I think has been a significant reason for my success. Mitch pushes you in a non-confrontational manner, which allows you to view the issues and opportunities from a more well-rounded perspective.

Sean R. Foster
Senior Manager
LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA

We had Mitch come speak to a group of business owners and professional leaders at our convention and business meeting. He was very entertaining and professional and the information was very valuable and we would ask him to come back to lead us again.

James Lee
Alarmguard Security

Mitch is a smart, innovative and personable professional. His sessions at the Supervisors Management School routinely get outstanding evaluations. He is one of the rare professionals who have an extremely intelligent outlook and perspective, and yet can communicate at a fundamental level. I enjoy his sessions, his knowledge, and his company, and highly recommend him and his work.

Brad Chambers
Former Chief of Joint Operations at Joint Intelligence Operations Center, European Command, and Former Chair, Board of Regents
North Carolina State University Supervisors Management School

Mitch provided professional development for our seasoned leaders, our first-line supervisors and our emerging leaders. He related well to each group, provided fresh ideas and approaches, and left us with a reasonable path forward for next steps. I highly recommend him for leadership development.

Mary Jinks
Former Vice President of Public Service
University of Tennessee

I had the pleasure of being a receiver of Dr. Owen’s presentation on maximizing social influences. He provided excellent techniques and demonstrations of how we can use our social networks to our advantage and help others in the process.”

Tanesha D. H. Pittman
Executive Director/Associate Dean
Benedictine University

Mitch is a professional who has the educational background, experience, and talent to lead group discussion, develop strategic plans, and assist in the development of leaders. He has expertise in areas of personality types/traits, leadership development, organizational structure, and personnel management and conflict resolution. He is familiar with many workplace settings including higher education, business and industry, and local government. He has a passion for his work and he approaches tasks with a high level of energy.

Ken Esbenshade
Former Associate Dean
North Carolina State University

I strongly recommend Mitchen Inc.; it always delivers its services and products on time and continues to exceed my expectations. Mitchen brings convenience and excellent quality to my consulting business. Client feedback booklets and other Mitchen products added value to my leadership and organization development programs, executive coaching and conflict resolution sessions.

Richard T. Liles
Liles and Associates, Inc.

Going into our strategic planning sessions, I knew nothing about facilitation or structuring group efforts to reach a common goal. After working with Mitch, I was actually facilitating groups of employees within our organization effectively and efficiently.

Brad Greenfield
IT Specialist
University of Tennessee

I felt more at peace with my management and leadership style which has allowed me to massage that style to be more effective with my team. What I learned about myself, I believe, has made me a better leader.”

Mike Landry
Vice President of Sales – Roofing
N. B. Handy Co.