Mitchen Toolbox

Drawing on 40 years of practice, Mitchen has developed tools, systems, methods, processes and knowledge that can support internally-driven organizational development efforts


Assessment Support

If you are a certified facilitator, Mitchen can lighten your load by administering online assessments and producing feedback booklets for the following assessments:

Mitchen Self-Discovery Cards

Affordable and effective, this deck of cards uses 20 years of research to look at both sides of the dominant personality traits that influence any individual’s work and relationships.

The cards come with instructions on using the cards to enhance self-discovery, strengthen trust, build stronger teams and address common interpersonal conflicts. Participants remark on how powerful the cards are in helping them appreciate their strengths and their accompanying weakness.

Each deck is $80.00 (not including tax, plus shipping). For groups, Mitchen recommends one deck for every 6 participants.

Facilitator Training

Dr. Mitch Owen is not just a widely certified facilitator; he’s an adept facilitator trainer as well. Getting both in one package adds depth to Mitchen certificate holders, increasing their value in the field and to themselves. 

Contact Mitchen to register today.

Elusive Team Leadership System

This is a six-part training program that will help your organization:

  • Establish trust
  • Create a culture where curiousity is valued
  • Manage conflict and challenges
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations
  • Stay focused on areas with the highest return
  • Develop accountability processes that build organizational clarity and strength.

Research Reports

This report presents new findings on the challenges higher education leaders are facing, key competencies that leaders must master to be successful and potential innovations that higher education might carry into a post-COVID world.

What clients have to say


Mitch led a 2-day Strategic Planning retreat for our group that includes representatives from the agricultural sector, environmental organizations, state and federal regulatory agencies, and research institutions. The retreat came at a time when other issues had the potential to fracture the group. Mitch is incredibly adept at facilitation. Mitch’s process made our group stronger by ensuring that all voices were heard and included in the planning process.

Paula Jasinski
Green Fin Studio

Mitch Owen proved to be a critical component enabling our company to develop and deliver to our high potential leadership candidates a successful leadership development program. The program has consistently been acknowledged by our staff as one of the most valuable and memorable professional development experiences at our company. Mitch Owen’s dedication as an ongoing student of leadership development and instruction contributed to a highly effective leadership development program for our company and the graduates.

Mitch Reaves
Former President and CEO
N. B. Handy Co.

Mitch brought new insights, creative energy, and great problem solving techniques to my team of faculty. I highly recommend him to any group seeking to build leadership and creative problem solving.

Valerie McAlpin
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
UNC Charlotte

Mitch is a smart, innovative and personable professional. His sessions at the Supervisors Management School routinely get outstanding evaluations. He is one of the rare professionals who have an extremely intelligent outlook and perspective, and yet can communicate at a fundamental level. I enjoy his sessions, his knowledge, and his company, and highly recommend him and his work.

Brad Chambers
Former Chief of Joint Operations at Joint Intelligence Operations Center, European Command, and Former Chair, Board of Regents
North Carolina State University Supervisors Management School

Mitch provided professional development for our seasoned leaders, our first-line supervisors and our emerging leaders. He related well to each group, provided fresh ideas and approaches, and left us with a reasonable path forward for next steps. I highly recommend him for leadership development.

Mary Jinks
Former Vice President of Public Service
University of Tennessee

Mitch provides research-based inspirational technical assistance and public presentations on organizational change. He is great with group and organizational processes and always produces superior products in a supportive collaborative environment.

Nancy Franz
Former Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
Iowa State University

Mitch is a professional who has the educational background, experience, and talent to lead group discussion, develop strategic plans, and assist in the development of leaders. He has expertise in areas of personality types/traits, leadership development, organizational structure, and personnel management and conflict resolution. He is familiar with many workplace settings including higher education, business and industry, and local government. He has a passion for his work and he approaches tasks with a high level of energy.

Ken Esbenshade
Former Associate Dean
North Carolina State University

Mitch Owen is a true professional, extremely adept at strategy formation, execution, and many other aspects of successful corporate and public sector operations. Mitch’s body of work and past experiences are impressive. Even more important is that Mitch’s style is to listen very carefully, formulate ideas, and lead a team to consensus in a logical, simple, compelling way. His ability to drive a management team to positive action is one of his real strengths. I recommend Mitch highly.

George Pappas
elecommunications Industry Alliance Executive

I have known and worked with Mitch for many years. I have found him to be an expansive thinker whose primary consideration is delivery of customer-oriented solutions. We have worked through difficult-to-solve matters and his knowledgeable and customer-focused approach has made those experiences positive ones.

Harry Nicholos
Former Asst. Director for System & Hosted Services
North Carolina State University

Dr. Mitch Owen is a very successful organizational development specialist, program designer, personal coach, and facilitator. Having worked with various audiences in the non-profit and corporate world, he is notably capable of helping individuals or groups achieve their personal best, and the goals they want to carry out, under the toughest of circumstances. He is exceptionally skilled in facilitations of strategic plans for board meetings and retreats, developing needs based trainings, and helping organizations in assessing their development needs. I highly recommend Mitch without reservation.

Mary Lou Addor
Ed.D., Director
Natural Resources Leadership Institute