Great Organizations are effective and efficient in achieving their purpose. They produce the highest ROIs, but they also know that to be successful in the long term they must innovate and change.  Mitchen has been helping organizations be successful for over 30 years.  Our approach utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that delivers organizational success while also growing employee and customer engagement.  We know that strategic positioning and change management methods that go beyond the usual and help transform today’s success into future wins. 

Strategic Positioning

Global economies. Exponential innovation rates. Shifts in Social and Economic behaviors. Each factor demands more from survival-minded organizations than effective day-to-day operations. 

Sustained prosperity requires a combination of tactical and focused strategic management. Mitchen’s creative and empowering approach facilitates meaningful strategic plans that position your organization over time, transforms your teams to thrive, and leaves your customers and employees more engaged.

What’s more, your ROI is greater with Mitchen; we leave your people and teams with the motivation and ability to execute and lead. Most vendors provide only planning; why not explore the Mitchen way?

Change Management

Is your organization operating at the height of effectiveness and efficiency? Without monitoring and continual improvement, any company’s tactical effectiveness quickly fails.


Mitchen helps organizations review and improve key systems while energizing teams using a variety of Mitchen programs, including:

  • Performance Management
  • Operational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Human Resource Operations
  • Annual Goal planning
  • Senior Team Operations

Every program is customized to meet your organizations most important needs. Contact Mitchen today to get your program started!

What clients have to say


Mitch helped our organization to design and plan a process to establish and build consensus around a strategic vision and direction for our research foundation. And, he facilitated the two-day meeting in which we executed the plan. We were incredibly impressed with how the process unfolded, not to mention the resulting consensus on priorities. Mitch was masterful at engaging a diverse audience in a process that was highly energetic and collaborative. The entire group remained engaged from start to finish. A very rewarding process and outcome.

Craig Regelbrugge Headshot
Craig Regelbrugge
Senior Vice President
AmericanHort/Horticulture Research Institute

Mitch led a 2-day Strategic Planning retreat for our group that includes representatives from the agricultural sector, environmental organizations, state and federal regulatory agencies, and research institutions. The retreat came at a time when other issues had the potential to fracture the group. Mitch is incredibly adept at facilitation. Mitch’s process made our group stronger by ensuring that all voices were heard and included in the planning process.

Paula Jasinski
Green Fin Studio

Mitch Owen’s coaching and expertise were major factors in the successful development of the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Strategic Plan 2020. With his leadership and expert facilitation skills, we were able to have challenging conversations in a respectful and constructive manner and come to group consensus on major issues. Without Mitch’s guidance we would have never been able to develop such a good plan in such a short time frame. He helped us accomplish what seemed like an insurmountable task!

[Our] process was accomplished much more quickly and efficiently; Mitch brought the benefit of academic expertise and experience in this area that we lacked. This ensured we had a valid process and helped us avoid mistakes and having to “learn as we went”- also our final product or plan was of higher quality and thus easier to implement. [We] accomplished the development of a strategic plan for such a complex organization in less than a year!

Laura Perry Johnson
Associate Dean for Extension
University of Georgia

Mitch is a very insightful expert on organizational change. He helped Iowa State University Extension at the annual Extension summit to guide us to determine what our organization should become and how we are going to get there. He understands the transformation that can occur through education and how to guide educators to be their best.

Mary Holz-Clause
University of Minnesota Crookston

Mitch helped my college collect and distill literally thousands of comments into a few succinct points that could be used to move the college forward. This would not have been possible without his skilled guidance.

Scott Angle
Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, UF/IFAS
University of Florida

We had Mitch come speak to a group of business owners and professional leaders at our convention and business meeting. He was very entertaining and professional and the information was very valuable and we would ask him to come back to lead us again.

James Lee
Alarmguard Security

Mitch was an excellent resource in developing strategic planning and visioning models. His knowledge of the literature and “real world” experience was a valuable asset in our organizational planning.

Samuel Pardue
Former Dean, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia
Director, Food Systems Leadership Institute

Dr. Mitch Owen is a very successful organizational development specialist, program designer, personal coach, and facilitator. Having worked with various audiences in the non-profit and corporate world, he is notably capable of helping individuals or groups achieve their personal best, and the goals they want to carry out, under the toughest of circumstances. He is exceptionally skilled in facilitations of strategic plans for board meetings and retreats, developing needs based trainings, and helping organizations in assessing their development needs. I highly recommend Mitch without reservation.

Mary Lou Addor
Ed.D., Director
Natural Resources Leadership Institute

Mitch is an excellent facilitator and a strong leader. He is masterful at building understanding and consensus among groups, in order to achieve goals and facilitate positive outcomes.

Rhonda Conlon
Director, Extension Information Technology
North Carolina State University

I strongly recommend Mitchen Inc.; it always delivers its services and products on time and continues to exceed my expectations. Mitchen brings convenience and excellent quality to my consulting business. Client feedback booklets and other Mitchen products added value to my leadership and organization development programs, executive coaching and conflict resolution sessions.

Richard T. Liles
Liles and Associates, Inc.